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Marie: Escort Agency Scams – Be Warned!

May 31st, 2011 admin No comments

I’m going to talk about something that has been bubbling away in my head over the last few weeks and that is escort agency internet scams.

This is an email Sue’s Diary received a few weeks ago:

‘Hi I was just wondering if you could help. I am looking at becoming a
escort but have just been done out off £300 by a company called class and
whisper I am now worried about doing this again’

I have literally been inundated with stories of women (and men) having the wool pulled over their eyes by these rogue escort websites conning them out of their money. These sites are pretty convincing – I should know as I was stupid enough to be fooled by one at the start of my escorting years!

I will elaborate; when doing my research into possibly becoming an escort I came across a website called  I rang them up a few times to chat. They basically told me – a naive and trusting individual – what I wanted to hear. That their dating website was for rich business men visiting from abroad who wanted a no strings attached meal out with an attractive female escort.  It sounded too good to be true – the escorting world that they were describing. I wanted to believe that this could be the case and so I stupidly ignored my gut instinct and coughed up £300.

Of course when my ‘date night’ came round the driver didn’t turn up and when I rang the number the people who manned the phones were leaving for the day! That’s when I knew I had been screwed over – a typical escort agency do not turn the phones off at 8pm!

Needless to say I never heard anything back from them – Oh I tell a lie actually I got an email a year later asking if I wanted to upgrade my account? I think I was resentful enough to email back a ‘F**K off!’

In hindsight there were plenty of warning signals that I chose to ignore; the fact that they were a switchboard in London, also the address they gave was of a London office. However it was a registered business on so I thought it was legit.

It was a rude awakening that I probably needed in this industry i.e. don’t be so b***dy trusting Marie! People are not as caring as you – especially when there’s money involved!!!

Lucky for you guys that it didn’t put me off becoming an Angels4You escort hey? Ha ha

Now what can we learn from my mistake?

1.       Trust your gut instinct!
2.       If something is too good to be true – it usually is.
3.       That in this industry you have to be very wary 

Anyway I’ve been doing some very thorough research into different escort agency scam sites and I’m going to give you some tips about how to spot one;

 The big give away of course is that you will be asked to pay a ‘joining fee’ upfront. You are then told that you will get work. However if you read the small print in their terms and conditions (if they have any) you may see that the way they word things are very slippery and clever and therefore lets themselves out of any commitment towards guaranteed bookings for you.

 Another dead giveaway is that they say clients require a companion for a function or dinner alone – i.e. dinner dating. They glamorise the industry to naive people and tell you that you are paid £600 for this?!  ‘Count me in!’ you will think! At this stage I feel the need to point out that in 3 years of escorting I’ve yet to go on an actual ‘dinner date’ – any offers guys?

I would strongly advise looking at the website on this website you can familiarise yourself with what can be expected of your time when you do escort. By becoming more knowledgeable there is less chance of getting scammed.

Another thing to look out for when spotting these rogue ‘escort agencies’ is the actual website. At first glance it may look very professional but there are certain things that to my eye, will give them away. For example; the ‘join us’ tab or button is very prominent – often more prominent than the actual escort gallery. This is strange as primarily a website should be attracting clients not escorts. But they want you to part with your cash remember?  

Something else to note when looking at a website are the gallery photos – are they professionally done? On scam sites they are all DIY photos, sent in by hapless individuals who have been duped. I don’t know about you but when I look through these pictures I see a certain amount of desperation and feel very sorry for them – Like a gallery of fools! In addition to this there are a large amount of male escorts in the gallery. Now guys please know that there just isn’t a call for male escorts. Let’s face it- women don’t have to and won’t need to pay for that sort of companion – sorry to burst your bubble!! Here is a link to Sue’s previous diary entry on this subject. Another useful website is: which talks about male escort agency scams.

Lastly when ringing one of these websites up be aware of what the phone conversation sounds like – is there an office noise background? Is the person you speak to on a headset? What happens when it’s out of office hours?

I was feeling abit mischievous after writing this diary entry so I decided to ring a few of these fake agencies and try abit of roll reversal – to call their bluff for a change! So I posed as a lady wanting to see a male escort.

What did I find out? – That it’s very difficult to book an escort from a bogus escort site! What a surprise hey? If you want to inquire about an escort online then you can expect to have to be a member before being able to book anything. So instead I made a few calls –out of office hours to start with (so obviously I didn’t have much luck.) I was met by an automated out of office response on one line and a recorded voicemail with office sounds in the background from another – both should ring your alarm bells!

Being a nosy and persistent so-and-so I rang again on another day and was met by a lady on a reception.  I asked to see a male escort and was told ‘Sorry the switchboard is busy, can you call back?’ – Switchboard?! ‘That’s strange’ – I said – ‘most escort agencies don’t have a switchboard’ the silly moo then tried to tell me that ‘escort agencies do actually.’ Ok so I snapped at this point; ‘Actually Miss Whatever I think you’ll find that legitimate escort agencies don’t, and I know this as I manage one!’ *click* …………  was the answer.

Anyway, here is a list of escort agencies that are known to be scams:

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