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The Right Escort

November 7th, 2009 admin 2 comments

I wrote the other day about part of what I actually wanted to discuss.  Today I want focus on the exact question that gave rise to me needing to write up further details in my diary.  A question came in …

“How do you go about employing girls, what’s a low cost way of getting girls because I have had a few interested and they they disappear, I would really appreciate it if you could give me advice on how to get girls for my agency”

Am going to break this down as there is more than one question.  Firstly …. how do you go about employing girls (and by girls I am assuming you mean escorts).  Well the first thing you do is get yourself out of a legal minefield.  You are not employing anyone.  At this stage in the legalities of escort agencies, we don’t employ and when you yourself are using those words then you are going down pathways that may be putting you on the wrong side of the legal system.  You can use the words “work with” but avoid the word “employ”.

To answer your question though, how do you go about finding girls to promote within your agency …  this depends entirely on who you want to promote.  A lot of people will use gumtree.  Some will use newspaper ads where they are still allowing adverts (short line ads are not expensive) and others will simply rely on their website to promote their image sufficiently for people to want to be part of your agency.  None of these options are expensive so its simply up to you to wait for them to come to you and then choose sensibly for the right ones you feel can promote your image positively.

You have already experienced let downs as in the fact that you have had girls interested and then they disappear.  This part of my answer will certainly not suit many people but you asked and I will certainly answer from my own experience now.  The girls that arrive with you are almost always there for one reason and one reason only – they need money.  Far too many escorts have a direct need to escort in the short term.  Few escorts see this as a full-time professional career but there is certainly a professional industry of independent escorts out there doing something right.  This industry itself, however, has a lot to answer for for promoting escorts as prostitutes only and a girl that believes that is what she is will on too many occasions have a low opinion of herself.

When a person approaches you to join your agency, how does she approach you?  The most common way is someone calling me.  The first words that come out of their mouth though will be their pathway to my interest or my recommendation that another agency would be better for them.  What words do I get?  Hi, I am interested in escorting with your agency.  My question …. why do you need to be in escorting or is it something you have done before.  What happens then is that I usually get a girl who will mention that she is an existing escort and that her present/previous agency is not right for her/does not get her enough work.  That tells me immediately that she will be wrong for my personal team. 

Angels4You, however, are definitely different.  Most agencies prefer a girl who knows what this world can be rather than outright naivety but for me, a professional business woman with a professional career and who has the ability to make an informed choice will certainly not mess you about and will know how to handle clients who think that the only reason she has agreed to meet with him is for her body to be used. 

What I am trying to say here is that a girl who needs to escort, who does not have a full-time professional job (and by professional I mean a career not bar work or cleaning or waitressing etc and so sorry to be so blunt about this) will often mess you about.  What some agencies have done is tie the girls in to specific working patterns.  You have to report to work at certain times on certain days and you then wait to be sent out to clients.  This way if you don’t turn up, you don’t get asked again but you can really only work that way if you have a large agency/large client base.

You are going to be at the mercy for sometime to come of women who want one thing only … money.  When they need money, they will have little honesty and ability to know what is actually right and wrong.  Money when it is a driving factor will always be a negative but most women will not/cannot be honest with you.  They don’t hold themselves in high regard and that is the prime reason, after 4 years of business, that most people who apply to join my team don’t get a chance.  I can usually spot a woman with a monetary need a mile off and whilst I will always point the enquirer into the direction of what I call a traditional escort agency, I will still advise that they find something else rather than escorting because I personally believe that this is not something women should be doing who rely entirely on the way they look to earn a living.  Escorting to me is about people its not about bodies but unfortunately, I am definitely in the minority in this belief.

Girls who need money, girls who do not have a proper career will all too often let you down.  I have unfortunately been the victim of agency planting in the past and this girl went on five bookings without paying her introduction fee and then when I ascertained what had happened I got threats “you don’t want to get on the wrong side of me” – she was indian and threatened my life if I “came after her”.  She was a bad experience for me but there have been other girls who I have tried to trust but have found that once an escort is used to a lot of money then coming into Angels where this is for fun not for money they could not make the transition to fun rather than monetary need.  I do tend now to avoid girls who have worked for previous agencies for this reason.  It is not a good feeling to have to judge this way but unfortunately over the last four years of running Angels, I have found my mistakes by making them all unknowlingly and believe you and me, learning about women who need money and are not honest has been a very, very nasty lesson to learn.

I am truly not surprised that you have had girls interested and then disappear.  Society does not give people much chance for real honesty unfortunately and if I sound cynical in not wishing to trust people – correct – experience teaches you some pretty negative things at times, however on the positives, when you do get the right people in your team, they are your support.  They become your promotion and they become friends and I have met and worked with so many fantastic girls over the last 4 years and whilst the odd ones have been bad apples, I don’t mind because you sometimes have to go through bad times to get to good ones and the present team I have are special and unique in the same way that Angels4You are unique.

I can give very little advice further about recruiting girls but suffice to say, if the agency is different then the right girl will be attracted to that difference.  If you want to remain along the lines of every other agency out there then you will always be dealing with the girls who agency hop, who let you down at short notice, who are mainly dishonest (sorry girls but the bad ones bring the good ones down) and who cannot be trusted.

I do recommend, as my solicitor said, to have each person sign a confirmation form that includes the details of their home address, their national insurance number and their date of birth.  You should do a check where you can on the address (such as visiting them at their home for their interview) and that the form should make it clear that introduction fees are payable and that if anything legal ever occurs (such as a benefit cheat which happened to Angels with one of my team 18 months ago) then their information can be legally required from you when requested by an appropriate authority.

Far too many girls are in this world for money.  Just as many will be on benefits and they will not be declaring this an income even though it is legal to do so.  Many do not realise their rights or even have the ability to comprehend their own financial requirements and what can/cannot be done so you will be opening yourself a can of worms for every girl who you do not personally meet and get written,verified details on.

I can only go off my own experiences in the last 4 years of recruiting.  Girls don’t come to me from any other route except my website.  I don’t advertise anywhere and if the right girl has rang me, then I know she will have read the kind of person I look for and if the person I am speaking to has not read my website then she won’t be going any further with me.  A woman with intelligence and above average looks is who I look for.  The everyday working girl is not my outright choice.  I want to stay different but that’s why Angels4You does have a niche part of this world.  Professional women for professional men and if a guy rings me up with the words “where’s your incalls love” or “who can you send me” then he will not be right for Angels4You any more than the girl who rings and asks “how many jobs will I get a week” or “how much money does it cost to join you” or “when I can start as I need to get some money”. 

Its been a major learning experience looking for the right escort to join a team.  It is up to you.  If you are taking the traditional man who rings at short notice and for short periods of a booking then you need the traditional working girl who will do what they are told because they need to.  I chose to be different because I saw what that side of life can do to a woman and to the type of man who rings for that service – there are some decent guys out there don’t get me wrong but far too often a guy that rings up at 10ish in the evening and wants a girl there and then …. sorry but that is not someone I would ever want to see.  Professional women and men who can plan their time out with care and consideration does not get me the money but it does get me to sleep at night knowing that we are providing an alternative to the everyday agency and everyday working girl.

This started to feel like a marketing exercise at the end of this post – sorry – its just a big hobby horse of mine and my disillusionment with so many clients and girls who ring up have all given rise to this part of my life giving me cynicism.

To leave you all, if you are setting up an escort agency or concerned about how to get girls to come to you then get your website up on the rankings and put through on your join us page the type of girl who you want to see in your team.  The right girl will read what you write, the wrong girl will just see you as another agency and call you for a job without reading.  Over to you!