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October 13th, 2009 admin 1 comment

Yesterday I went nuts … seriously stupidly unprofessionally nuts!  What brought it on … that bloody word “Sage”.  What?  A herb making me sick?  A herb making me sad?  A herb full stop … come on Sue get a grip of yourself!

My barriers came down and I very unprofessionally yelled at one of the directors of a company I have worked with for five years that I would not do what he said would be happening and then I ran.  I got in my car and I drove with tears streaming down my face.  I was angry and I was hurt.  Where did I drive to?  My accountants … yes you guessed it … Sage is an accountancy package which is the stuff of my nightmares.

I cannot stand things that do not make sense.  Having a love of all things in figures (and I do love making figuers make sense) I have used three various accounting systems in the past.  I am, after all, a bookkeeper or at least I am supposed to be but all my clients know me as lots and lots more than that.  I can do websites, I can host their websites, I can design templates and logos, I can guide them when their accounts don’t make sense, I am great at payrolls and working out holiday entitlements, I enjoy online systems such as PAYE, Companies House and VAT returns, I am good at this side of my job but what I am truly bad at, is my total utter and now annoying hatred of this package and the accountancy company who this client’s have and who have now told their clients that they prefer them to change to Sage.

I am now struggling to comprehend why a system that works on a day to day basis for a business has to be changed to one that only the bloody accountants understand.  Because their business uses Sage I get the huge impression that they don’t (more likely won’t) change to a different one just because this bookkeeper feels there is no reason for change.

Having worked on this client’s premises for 5 years now, I left two years back for 6 months.  The accountants put in place one of their own preferred bookkeepers and Sage.  6 months later, the directors and I came back together and I have never seen such a load of crap that had been put in.  Duplicated invoices, sales invoices put in as purchases and vice versa.  Bank statements unable to be reconciled and this was a system that is supposed to be all singing and dancing … yeah?  For who?  The accountants thats who.  They understand it but when it comes to the person operating it on a daily basis can they make sense of it?  Yes … of course they can … when they have been there for years, and years and years.  There are literally hundreds of places offering training on Sage.  Why though?  Because the package flows for accountants but for a day to day businesses needs, I am being truly blunt now … its crap.  Seriously utterly crap. 

Having worked in KPMG for 8 years in a management information role I know full well that businesses need management information to thrive.  An accountancy company that does not ask for the data until 6 months after the company’s financial year end and then has the gall to suggest that we should be moving onto a different accounting system.  What the hell for?  Why on earth is this change needed?  Because they cannot use this package or because they have not cared to understand this business until 6 months after the year end!

The directors have just had their first serious reason ever provided to them about managing their business.  They have just gone over 1m turnover (it was under a 100k turnover when I first arrived with them) and their growth is continuing but so far, they have never wanted business information.  They wanted their wages paid and their invoices input and paid and that was it.

Now … 6 months after the year end … the accountants finally get round to asking for the data and oh dear, there is a hefty tax bill to pay and what does the accountant do to say that this should be mitigated … change the accounting system to one they control.

God give me strength … can you tell I am still very angry but its not just that … I am truly hurt that the two directors have not asked me for further information but are instead suggesting that the accountancy company (who I truly detest for belittling me 5 years back!) needs to have the data in the right format for them – ie Sage and not what is presently in place which is QuickBooks.

My accountant, bless him, was at a conference last week and he checked with many other accountants in the conference and the comments came back … Sage and QuickBooks do exactly the same job.  My conclusion?  The accountants have finally realised that they have a good business client of over 1m turnover and oh yes, they didn’t give them great service so far so how can they do it now?  Oh that’s right … put in place a package that they can use but the company does not use.  Changeround something that is working for their sake not a business sake.

I am sooooooooo angry!  Thank god for my diary as my steam let off!

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