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Marie: Things I Have Learnt This Week:

June 9th, 2011 admin No comments

That hearts are pretty useless what with them being breakable and all…

Some of you may recall my rather personal diary entry a bit ago mentioning a man in my life. Well without elaborating in too greater detail I unveiled ‘Marie’ to him and now don’t have a man anymore! (Well that’s not strictly true as I do have all of my lovely clients obviously…)

I have re-learnt just how judgemental people can be of this industry. People listen to society’s views instead of listening to someone who is actually within the industry and experiencing it firsthand. Only a small minority truly understand it and can deal with it I guess. It really is sad and annoying that people who know me or are supposed to cannot ‘get me’ on this one thing. What is the problem? Escorting is fun professionalism – it doesn’t involve serious personal emotions so why should it affect serious personal relationships?

I suppose the most common feeling is that to be an escort is demeaning, which to me is an alien concept – would I have escorted for 3 years and carried on with it if it had been demeaning? No! And I’m not kidding myself on this one. The feeling I do get is empowerment and job satisfaction if you must ask!

Another general view is that money is the reason behind being an escort – sure the money was what triggered me into escorting in the first place. But do I do it for money now? No, I do it because it feels like a part of me and I miss it when I don’t.

Will people’s attitudes ever be changed? I don’t know. I think escorting is becoming more thought and talked about. However I can’t see anything positive when the industry is taking an unhealthy lean towards prostitution and ‘incall’ apartments acting no better than brothels. An example of the lack of understanding people have about it all is that being a lap dancer is often seen as a more acceptable job than escorting (?!) In reality dancing clubs have become no better than brothels where girls are expected to offer ‘extras’ – so how is this better exactly?

I have learnt that just because I see things in a certain light doesn’t mean others do.  And sometimes I simply can’t persuade them to!

I have also learnt that honesty can cost you dearly.


Clients are all I need and escorting is my passion! It’s something I don’t want to give up thank you very much.

I do realise in the grand scheme of life you have to take the rough with the smooth – the lesson is how can you recognise the highs when you experience no lows to compare them with?

And lastly:

My apologies for a personal diary entry. This is a way to get things off my chest; I don’t plan on doing a lot of entries like this. In this particular one I don’t want to discuss it anymore so if you meet me, please, be a gentleman by respecting me and not mentioning it. Thank you.

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