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Journalists – Can They Be Trusted?

June 1st, 2009 admin No comments

I may have put myself in hot water again, time will no doubt tell. Having received an email in from an organisation who have a Magazine for Entrepreneurs ( I was asked if I would not mind having a chat to them over the phone about the escorting business and running an agency and I have today spoken to a journalist about this.

As many of you know, I am passionate about staying above board and legal and for me it will be interesting to see how this journalist actually writes about me and the agency. I understand that one of the large massage parlour/escort agency directories has also been interviewed so it will be at least from two different perspectives I would hope.

The problem is, no matter what, the only thing most people really want to know is the actual low down on exactly what does happen behind closed doors … does an escort really have sex with the person she is meeting. Does she get paid extra to do so or is it really just a dinner date and theatre dates.

I can be truly honest about this … I was an escort for over 2 years. Did I go on dinner dates … yes. Did I go to the theatre … not once unfortunately. Did I have sex, yes if I wanted to (and believe you and me some of the guys were really something!). Did I get paid extra? No. Why on earth should I have done? I was being paid for my time and companionship at the beginning of my date and anything else that happened was always with my consent not coercion and its exactly the way it is with a normal date. So there you have it … honesty from an escort.

If and when I see the article come out I will let you know and you can see what you think. Me … the magazine has yet to earn my trust and that’s me being totally honest but I can always hope that this is a positive not a negative event and I would love to see something positive come out of this so here goes!

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