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Marie: The Truth Hurts.

May 10th, 2011 admin No comments

Firstly I want to try to portray how happy and excited I am at the moment – the reason? Because I LOVE managing Angels4You! I love being busy and getting my teeth into something new, and when I put my mind to something I like to do it properly. 

So with all this new giddiness going on what I would like to do is shout from the rooftops about how proud I am to be a part of this!

But the thing is, I can’t.

I am very lucky that my family know and accept my escorting and they also know about my managing Angels4You. However I can’t discuss it with any of my friends and I have learnt this the hard way.

Abit ago some of my friends did find out that I escorted. I think they must have found it difficult to accept as they treated me very differently all of a sudden. My guy friends where predictable as they immediately wanted to get me into bed! However my girlfriends were ‘sympathetic’ towards my ‘being a prostitute’- which annoyed the hell out of me! For the start escorting is not prostitution and why do people have such prejudice about escorting? I’m happy so what is the problem exactly? Needless to say I have let them all think I am no longer in the industry. One of my friends now refers to my escorting past as my ‘horrible job’ which completely puzzles me  – I asked her why  would I have done something for so long if I had found it so ‘horrible?’

I’m an honest person and lying to my friends is something I find very difficult both morally and practically – It really goes against my grain. I wish I could be more like Sue and be open about my involvement in managing this unique escort agency – the rest of the world can go hang! It is something I am proud of – why can’t people I love be happy for me too? Even if they can’t understand it???

Anyway this brings me onto another point. I have noticed that the ‘Belle De Jour‘ books and series have really raised the awareness of escorting over the past few years. Is this new focus having a positive or negative effect on the escorting industry? Are the general public being more accepting? Or is the raised profile of escorting causing the whole tone to be lowered?

Sue told me about an interesting conversation she had had over the weekend. A lady has got in touch with her and wishes to set up an agency similar to Angels. She has escorted herself over 20 years ago. What has stuck in my mind about this relayed conversation is that apparently being an escort has changed quite dramatically over this time period – a fact I was completely unaware of. Back then being an escort was on a par with a nowadays courtesan; I.e. more dinner dating. Whereas being an escort nowadays has definitely swayed towards prostitution. I have personally noticed on the internet that prices to book an escort’s time seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper and in alot of cases ‘incall’ apartments are no better than massage parlours or brothels. The fact that Angels4You takes a dignified stand against this movement is something I am very proud of. 

Because of its differences Angels4You does get approached by lots of girls wanting to escort themselves, and I am constantly being surprised by their blasé attitude towards it all. The other night I spoke with 2 very different characters. One lady was in her late 30s and has never escorted whereas the other was in her early 20s and has escorted since the tender age of 18! The conversations really stuck in my mind and I spoke at great lengths with both of them. With the first lady I really wanted to know what had made her decide upon escorting? She was slightly vague and seemed very quiet once I started to give her advice and pointers – almost like she hadn’t expected what was really entailed…

 The second lady was more of a girl than a lady and said some things that truly worried me. Once again I asked why she wanted to escort? I explained that at her age I usually would not recommend it at all. Her answer was that more money was wanted also she had been escorting since 18 and was used to this lifestyle.  18?! I was shocked and I said as much. How did she cope at that age I wondered?  Well apparently she didn’t – ‘of course I cried when I started out- but you just get on with it for the money don’t you?’ ….. Err NO! What further surprised me was when she told me that her mum used to escort herself. Why hadn’t she looked after her daughter?

This last conversation was quite an eye opener and saddened me greatly. It also made me realise that I have been very lucky in this dangerous and challenging industry.

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