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Marie: Thieving Cinderella!

September 22nd, 2011 admin No comments

Angels4You received an interesting request the other day via email. I’m going to share it with you as it reminded me of a strange scenario that happened to me some time ago when I worked out of a more traditional agency.

The email was very polite, thoroughly thought out and well written – all are very much appreciated and earns this person brownie points.

Here is part of the email:

‘My wife and I would like a two girl show and I like the way you talk about yourselves and the way you seemingly look after the girls. It feels like they have a choice and that is important.’

Now obviously Angels4You couldn’t go ahead with this sort of booking as we do not sell sex. However I did want to help this couple achieve their fantasy especially since they had asked in such a nice way! And as I wrote the email response, this strange story from my past popped into my head.

About a year ago I was in a relationship with a guy and for his birthday I decided to treat him by setting up a threesome involving another woman. Now, as I was also an escort myself (at a more traditional type of agency) I decided the best way to go about this would be to hire a professional in! In my escort past with the more traditional agency, I had participated in threesomes a few times in various different scenarios but the main fact of the matter was that I was professional throughout each booking and made sure all parties had a damn good time. Threesomes can actually be very testing for the escort, it can be difficult to lose yourself in the moment when you are trying to keep track of everyone having fun! However I think I managed well and I presumed (wrongly) that all escorts would have the same work ethic as me.

So to get the booking organised I approached another traditional type of agency. For a start I was thoroughly put off with the manner of the person who answered – she was very unprofessional and just plain rude! My boyfriend however, liked the look of one of the escorts on that particular website so against my better judgement we rung them back. The escort in question was – according to the agency owner ‘one of our best girls’ now this is a phrase you really need to be wary of in this industry. When an agency has a ‘best girl’ the agency simply means that this girl accepts all bookings coming her direction. So she is ‘the best’ in the agency’s eyes but not for the client. In reality the client will be getting a tired, harassed actress who will have seen many clients already that day before coming to the booking, and the client is paying for this privilege! Madness hey?

Anyway, we arranged for the booking to take place at a hotel and this is where things started to go horribly wrong. For a start the escort was half an hour late. She also arrived looking dishevelled and harassed and needed to ‘freshen up’ which of course shed she had just come from another client. She also was wearing a not very convincing plastic brunette wig! Classy or what? Not a great start I can tell you. Anyway the booking went ahead. However it was obvious to me that she was acting the part of being interested in me, another woman, and was clearly not a bisexual escort. Because of this the booking didn’t flow very well. She ended up leaving at the time she should’ve done had she arrived on time in the first place – thus cutting the booking short. But obviously she had already received the full payment. Furthermore the icing on the cake is that she stole my boyfriend’s expensive watch!!! In her hurry to leave she did leave her stiletto though – which I now have hanging off my bed as a reminder not to do THAT again.

What a weird experience hey?

The moral of this story is that apparently it’s rare to be treated to a special experience by an escort agency. Instead you are made to feel like a number in a long list of clients that day. It proves the point that most escort agencies are just out there to take your money and simply don’t care. The warning signs were of course there and I should’ve trusted my gut instinct and not rung back to book anything – especially not with the ‘best girl’.

My experience highlights the differences between Angels4You and other escort agencies. Because of Sue’s unswerving rules Angels4You would never deal out this sort of booking. Our team members are not seeing a long list of guys day in day out so the result is a client who feels very special when spending time (and money) with an Angel… but you all know that don’t you?

Anyway, I received an email back from this couple, thanking me… I had also managed to put them off pursuing their fantasy any further. I felt slightly disheartened as this was not my intention. After all, there is a lot of fun to be had out there and you should try everything once as you are a long time dead!

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