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Money Is King

June 9th, 2010 admin No comments

When you think you have your head round something you can almost always bet your bottom dollar that something comes along to rock your head around the issue again. 

I am truly frustrated by girls ringing me to join Angels and when I say the words “and why would you like to be in this industry” their words just hit me hard and square time and time again … recent reasons given :

  • My boyfriend left me and I need the money as he left me in debt
  • I have just bought a house and my mortgage is crippling me
  • Work has fallen out with me (meaning you were sacked) and I need some money
  • The kids have no clothes and benefit is not enough to live on

There is a book that one of those comments reminds me of called “Call Me Elizabeth” .  You can read yourself about why she came into escorting and why she did what she did but my passion of not bringing women into this industry that need money is very real and evident by now and I will try and describe why I have this depth of feeling about money reasons in this industry.

Coming into escorting from the swinging world was an eyeopener for sure but because I was already leading a very healthy sex life then I never thought through the reasons that others may enter this world until they hit me fair and square between the eyes – Money – that is the main reason people “do this”.  Do what?  They sell their body so that they can get money.

Did I do that?  I do reflect on my escorting time and I remember so many bookings and so many different things asked of me but the common thread I found from almost all of the meetings I had was of a person … not a body … a person.  It depends so much on what we give during our time and I know we all have our reasons for whatever we do at whatever stage we want to in our lives but what concerns me so much is that so many who are in this industry are in it because, like Call Me Elizabeth, they need money.

I certainly wasn’t abused (mind you getting the belt at 18 years old might be counted as abuse and being shut off from many of my family for 4+ years now because of what they see as totally wrong could be counted as abuse I guess?) and I certainly knew what was right and wrong and woe and betide those men that tried to demand of me activities I found were not right for me.

Money has a lot to answer for and we all feel that having more of it makes us happy.  It probably does … for a short while but it is, I am sure many of you know, a double edged sword – the more you have the more you want.  Trouble is, most people who set up agencies are doing it by “using” women who often have been abused themselves.  These girls often do not know how to stand up for themselves and whilst I so often wish that I could wrap all these girls up in cotton wool, I know that I cannot do this.  People have to live their lives however they wish to but what I would still wish to do is make running an agency a more visible and professional world with more thought towards the girls who often are desperate and not informed about what industry they are really coming into. 

If we could but have the legislation in this industry that ensured agencies were run professionally and there were less areas for (shall I dare say it) underhanded money and its associated risks to be dealt with, then the unattactive agency owners that are only in this for the money and certainly not to ensure a girl’s personal and emotional safety, would have less places to run their business.

Do all agency owners really come into this business because they care about a girl’s safety?  Head on block time Sue … No, I don’t think most of them do.  I think that many of them set up an agency because of the huge money earning potential   Where is the caring for the people that will bring them their money?  I don’t know if I am wrong because some agencies have the girls safety in their heads by providing them with taxis to take them from client to client.  Other agencies sit the girls in offices with changing facilities whilst they wait for bookings?  Others just take bookings over the mobile and then ring up each girl supposedly on call until one says yes she will do it.  Is any of this safe?  Is anything of what I do any different? 

My feelings about how I run Angels are well documented by now but my passion is, and will stay this way, for business women who meet business men.  I had a very peculiar text out of the blue some weeks back.  I did ignore but it smacked of someone trying to wind me up and put the cat among pigeons.  You recognise the symptons now of that kind of activity when the mobile number never connects again and it is just malicious intent but the one thing I do know, if that young girl who is just 18 rings and says she wants to be an escort and money is the first thing she talks about, then that duty of care to that developing adult is so needed and wherever I can I will help – but certainly I will not recommend this industry.