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Marie: Single Life – What Is Happening To My Friends!?

April 5th, 2011 admin No comments

The other weekend I visited a single male friend of mine; he was talking about the circle of friends he socialises with. All of his male friends have other halves and he was complaining that this seriously puts a dampener on an evening round at his house. Apparently his henpecked friends get constantly rung up by their respective wife or girlfriend: ‘What are you doing? …When will you be back? …Are you sure there are no girls there?!’ etc. It annoys me because a) it’s stereotypical wife behaviour and puts a bad name on us women and b) shouldn’t the wife or girlfriend be doing something herself and not even notice her lack of other half?

Anyway my male friend finished his complaint with ‘…and that’s one of the reasons why men cheat – if their woman nags.’ I asked what the other reasons were. ‘If they let themselves go and if things get boring in the bedroom’ was his answer. WELL I can definitely agree with the last once since, as an Angels4You escort, I have firsthand experience with a lot of bored husbands… but I digress.

My sister had a very similar situation. She again is the only single in her group of friends and is having trouble finding someone to go on holiday with. No one is willing to leave their other half behind. It’s seriously p***ing her off. She was spitting feathers after a conversation with a girlfriend: ‘I don’t know what to do with myself tonight Blip is out with his mates, I’m not used to being alone’ ?! My answer would’ve been ‘get your vibrator out!’

My advice to my friend and sister? Get some new friends!

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