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Incall Apartments

January 19th, 2010 admin 3 comments

Yet another brothel has been raided in Leeds, alongside the recent shut down of a so-called high class incall apartment.  The news is full of it again.  The police have clearly moved in on the newest legislation in this industry and I would think that many agency owners of so called high class incall apartments (brothels in any other words) are starting to get twitchy about this.

It is easy to target the brothels initially as no doubt these are the ones that usually have foreign workers and therefore the subject of trafficking will be applied more easily but for me personally, I really do hope that agencies stop being so money hungry and start being more thoughtful about the exploitation of women who are that needy of money that they cannot do anything but sell their bodies.

Back in my escort days I did accept incall appointments in my own home.  It was entirely legal because I am allowed to do what I want in my own home.  The agency owner did, however, suggest that on the times I was out of my home she could “send” another girl to my home to see clients and that this girl would obviously change my sheets and leave me rent for my house … I jest you not.  She also suggested that I rent an apartment so that I could accept rent from girls who would be using it.  I was not that naive but at the time this happened I was a lot less worldly wise than I am now but I always said no … could you imagine coming home to your own bedroom and knowing that other people were “using it”.  Yuck, what a really dirty feeling that would have been.  I did refuse as I said but I also found incalls a lot more wearing emotionally on me because I found myself forever doing housework as I would hate to be judged for having an untidy house which I know I don’t have but you tend to be a lot more judgemental on yourself if people are coming into your own environment.

What worries me so much is that so many agency escorts are just being used and yes, many of the women do allow themselves to be used – they don’t feel they have any other avenues of working open to them and they don’t feel they have a choice but to do what the agency tells them and if that includes going to an apartment in the middle of the day to see a client for half an hour, then that is what they have to do.  The agencies purport to give their teams a choice but many of the girls I knew from the agency world when I was escorting myself I knew them to be work shy … they knew that what they could earn from a few hours work was enough money to pay their rent for that week and anything else they then needed.  They did not want to hold down “normal jobs” because the kind of money they earnt by being with an agency was mind-blowing for them so why try something that would not be as good a financial reward.

I keep going on about the subject of usage and its sending me round the bend.  All I really want is for agency owners to become more professional, caring and sensible about what they are doing with the people they are, ultimately, responsible for.  Setting up these incall apartments earns loads of money for the girl and for the agency.  The client thinks its great for him as he is already in the centre on business, he fancies time out for a short while, he picks up the phone, dials an agency who sends him to whoever is on call in their incall apartment.  The fact that the apartment is not hers, the fact that another girl and client will have been there before the next ones arrive will simply not register in anyone’s mind.  Instead there is this overriding need for customer service … get the girl out to the apartment, make sure the last girl has changed the bed and the towels, make sure the client has what he needs when he needs it and be damned with the reality of pushing women who are desperate for money into illegally run incall apartments.

When the Government changes rules the way it has done, it has not really focussed again on what is truly needed in this industry.  By all means look at the cheaper end brothels, try and pin down the so called higher class incall apartments but this latest legislation has yet again skirted around the biggest truth of what is really happening.  Men will want to buy time with women.  So many of the women in this industry are in it because they have few skills to make more of themselves and because of this most of them allow themselves to be exploited because so many agency owners are more than happy to use that naivety and that monetary need and exploit it.

Why, oh why can the Government not look seriously at make the running of any establishment entirely legal.  Put down the boundaries up front – employers have a duty of care and have to stick to regulations.  Agency owners can get away with whatever they want to because there is just no legislation to protect the women that are desperate enough to not know what to do and they turn to escorting because of its easy money image. 

The more you shut down the “visible places” such as incall apartments and brothels, the more this is being forced underground for the even more unscrupulous “pimps” to exploit womens naivety and the more underground this is, the more women will be used.  I think that what most of society rails against is the fact that people should not be allowed to purchase sex – it matters not whether this is a man buying a woman’s body or a man buying a man’s body, or a woman buying a man – it is simply the fact that society makes us believe this wrong.  Forget that this industry has been here since the dawn of time and it will continue because sex is a simply facet of being human and wherever a demand is visible, a supply will take place.  There will always be people ready to exploit others so for me, as you all know by now, for god’s sake make it safer but in doing so don’t drive it underground because the way the Government is heading now is straight into that pathway.

Life has some flipping funny twists and turns and whilst I don’t approve of incall apartments and brothels (and I know they don’t need my approval) neither do I approve of turning people out of them onto the streets and straight into the hands of the kind of people who are even worse than agency and brothel owners … these are the real seedy pimps who prey on the vulnerable and the protection of society should be going out to these people not forcing them into these dangerous scenarios.

Shut down brothels, shut down incall apartments by all means but don’t take away a living from those vulnerable women who find that that is the only way to earn money.  Lets find a compromise … somehow?

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