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Update On Client Warning

August 8th, 2009 admin No comments

Firstly an apology to all my readers, I know I have been incredibly quiet. Its not that things have not been happening its simply been my inordinate tiredness levels got the better of me and I could not keep giving energy to everything that I would have wanted to so until I could get myself onto a less tired level then my quietness has been obvious and also very much noted – thanks guys!

In relation to the subject matter though. Last year I was contacted by the Benefits Agency as you know. One of my team had lied and she had been claiming benefits whilst being part of Angels4You. She has been prosecuted and found guilty and has had a sentence passed on her recently.

To me it was horrifying in itself that she was able to do to herself what she did. Dishonesty is, perhaps to many, prevalent in much of society but to me its something I find I cannot sit easily with in my head. Putting that to one side though, I knew that if I had needed to go to court I would have done so but I was not needed, however, what happened to one of our past clients from this person was horrific.

My policy is not to put client and companion in direct contact before meetings. All the time I impress on the team the importance of their own privacy and as far as I knew they wanted the same thing. Imagine my shock (and horror) to find out that this particular ex-team member, obviously scared of what she was going through, had obtained a client’s number and email address and had ascertained where he worked and was blackmailing him for money.

I am often talking on the phone about “traditional escorts”. These are girls to me who are in this world because they need the money and they can feel that there is simply no other option to funding their monetary need. They see escorting as an easy way to earn money and woe and betide anyone who does not play their game. All the horror stories clients told me during my time as an escort are still vivid in my head. Girls who would turn up saying they needed to pay the taxi first and not coming back, girls who obtained client numbers and rang them at random times demanding that they re-book and so on.

The reason I reminded clients about never giving their numbers or personal information whatsoever to companions was because of this direct reason. I went to the Police about this escort for their advice and it was sensible and straightforward. If this ever happens to any client who reads my diary, then do not hesitate to “call their bluff”. The Police will deal with this without it becoming a part of your personal life and no-one else other than you, the Police and the companion will be involved, just don’t hesitate at all and certainly do not let anyone blackmail you. One of my early experiences was also on the other foot – a client was calling me in a way that I could only call stalking and I was lucky that I always had a separate number for my escorting times so that I could turn the phone off but it was a lot of months before this person finally got the message.

I trust my judgment on the team that I promote through Angels4You but absolutely no-one is infallible and my judgment went awry with this person and both myself and a client paid the price. I simply hope that my warning will make anyone who books times with escorts to always remember, each of you should keep your private lives, private. Sharing personal information is always up to you both but if you have something to keep private, then keep it that way.

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