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Sue: Unacceptable Behaviour

October 16th, 2011 admin 1 comment

I had a message sent through to me tonight with one word on it ….. Whore …. 

Is it acceptable for anyone to just do that?  Well apparently, in this industry the answer appears to be “we just put up with it”.  Will give you the background to this happening and my responses to this issue this evening.  It has been an interesting exchange of messages.

Earlier this evening I had a call divert through from the main agency phone direct to me (this happens when Marie is unable to answer the call).  A potential customer asked who we had available in Sheffield for that evening.  As ever I explained that we were not a short notice agency.  To be honest, I was a bit confused as the voice sounded incredibly female in tone so I actually thought intially that it was a wind up call – they do happen unfortunately.  However, shortly after I finished with the client I had an update from Marie.  This particular potential client had been what we call a timewaster and full of hot air.  Lots of questions, never books, says he will, argues about costs … we know the kind of person concerned by now. 

I took the decision to contact this person to ask him now to refrain from contacting us further as we would not be the right kind of agency for him.  He definitely is not the kind of client we look for either.  The conversation seemed to be all right until the call just suddenly cut off.  This was around 8pm this evening.  At 21.45pm I had a text with one word arrive on it from him …. Whore …. and that is when the fun starts!  Unprofessional texts like that really do create such a negative impression of the person and it is quite right that Marie and I would now never request anyone from our team meet with this person.  Marie had already had such a negative impression of this client and my conversation with him definitely got me to see why she felt that the client was full of “hot air”.  So … what happened … the messages below should flow through.

Telephone call from me to client around 8pm : phone call was to confirm to client that Angels would no longer accept his requests to meet one of our team.  Call was professional, not awkward at all – client cut off call.  Silence until ….

Text message from unacceptable client : 21.48pm


Message from me : 21.59pm

And that is why you will never ever meet an Angel.  Totally unprofessional.  I have absolutely no doubt that you you use people and you are, for us, the absolute nightmare client.  You have plenty of choice for what you need in this industry and for us – you are definitely not at the level we welcome as our client.  What a silly text to send.  It comes from a person obviously unable to be a professional individual.  People who write like that are usually educationally and professionally stunted.  Thank you so much for sharing your honest thought – it does help us know how much we can distrust you.

Text from unacceptable client : 22.05pm

I am a double postgraduate and work I have a successful career any way I dont care what you think because I have never seen a culture as shallow as yours!  So don’t dare to judge me!!

Text from me : 22.31pm

Then why did you resort to such a low level of words.  That level usually comes from very uneducated people.  My refusal of your business was entirely professional – your response was completely out of place  and entirely uncalled for.  So – it goes without saying if you treat us with professionalism then we won’t judge you as unworthy of being a client.  Goodness me you sounded so judgemental yourself and this is so silly of you to have lowered your professionalism to make rudeness of that nature.  Shame on you for being so silly and lowering yourself to try and be so nasty.  It feels lilke a little boy in a playground not getting what he wanted and then trying to find a way to get his own back.  Professionalism comes in any many ways and sending nasty texts will never ever be seen as acceptable at any level of society.  By all means continue with your indignation …

Message from unacceptable client : 23.38pm

If you weren’t so judgemental yourself you probably would have realised a colossal mis judgement that you made of a potential client.  Anyway it is not my loss that I couldn’t use your service there are many escort agencies who provide this service it is your mistake that you lost a customer because of your illusional standards.  Get this in your head you are after all a WHORE agency good bye!

The client was informed I would report this through my diary.  He is a Sheffield person, his mobile number ends in ….6325 and his voice and name suggests he is of ethnic origin.

To end this diary entry …. escort agencies are mainly about supply and demand yet there are the few, like Angels4You who only accept professional clients.  Clients who timewaste; clients who expect short notice; clients who wish short duration; clients who wish to haggle on cost …. all of these clients have ample places to go to.  We look for class, we don’t look for crass … this client did not make our grade and after having had a conversation with him myself, I knew exactly where Marie was coming from and I think she has had her patience sorely stretched in trying to maintain our professionalism with someone who, ultimately, believes that we are whores.  We don’t accept clients who “use” escorts.  We accept people who understand there is a difference in industry levels and despite his postgraduate education his social education was sorely lacking in the standards we look for in our clients.  What a shame he had to go down to such a level to get across his annoyance, however, I have written of events like this often over the years and I have no doubt every now again we will come across this kind of event – such a shame people believe that they have to label all escorts as whores. 

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