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Sue: Judgements

June 27th, 2011 admin No comments

There have been many occasions over the time I have been in this industry where judgements have been made and they have been made with varying degrees of impact, from the funny, to the hurtful, to the downright nasty.  What has become clear though is that the more I experience these judgements the better I can handle them and I had direct experience of yet another judgement early yesterday (Sunday) morning which could have been termed as hurtful but to be honest I was able to immediately diffuse and disarm the person who made the comment to me. 

The BBC Radio in Manchester last week had a series of chats on various subjects focussing on the sex industry in Manchester.  I am reluctant to be so directly associated with that “sex” word as it has that uncomfortable feeling I always get of usage of others however, I got a call Friday morning from the BBC asking if I would be prepared to come in on the Sunday morning faith programme.  It is not a problem for me to be open and having been on the radio a few times before other than the fact that I needed to be at the studio at 7am on a Sunday morning I had no hesitation in confirming I could be there. 

Later than day I was told who was also coming on the programme so I researched the person and found information about her and her husband and their work within the community.  They were both part of a very specific religious group and part of their work was on the high risk streets of Manchester where they tried to work to get girls out of prostitution a couple of times a week.  It would be a very heartbreaking and, at times, thankless task.  It is not a side of the industry I have ever experienced and I really did respect what this person and her husband were doing. 

On Sunday morning I got to the studio around 7am and finally got fetched from reception and taken down to the studio’s “green room”.  A man was sat on the settee as I got in and I recognised him from the research I had done.  The person bringing me from offered me a coffee and I was then able to turn to greet the man on the settee.  Stretching out my hand and saying good morning, you must be ***, I’m Susan Jones joining your wife on the programme, he did not get up but he did shake my hand and then uttered his first words “so you are the enemy”.

Oh my giddy aunt …. I was so amused by this.  I can disarm comments like that these days so I did not take offence but my escort time came straight back and I know it must be daft to know that this is what I can do but working with people during my active escorting times meant that I had a good insight into how to disarm fighting comments and that was a comment very definitely aimed at making me feel uncomfortable.   Fraid it did not work but I had to smile at his try.

Looking back at why he felt that he needed to come out with that kind of remark, I will admit to being surprised. You see these two people are very committed christians and he had a MBE awarded as part of his services to the christian work he delivers.  Why then did he meet me and choose to be so very unchristianlike – he had judged me without ever knowing me and that was what surprised me so much. 

The interview went well and yes I do support the legalisation of this industry whilst the christian side did not.  My reasons for wanting this industry more legal …. because the more it is legal the less loopholes more unscrupulous characters can find to exploit others and anything that means people in this industry are more legally protected has to be for the good.  Prostitution itself has been with us since the dawn of time and anyone who believes that by keeping something illegal means that it will go away is simply closing their eyes to what is really going on out in the big wide world. 

I know that putting this industry into a controlled business is against so many of society’s so called moral judgements but for me, stop trying to change something that will always be there and instead make it more obvious because those people who prefer to stay dark and murky will then find it harder to ply their trade.  My views are just that … my views and god help me I do not wish to judge but the man I met that day perhaps is more judgemental than I will ever be … he, however, is a practising christian with a so-called christian outlook – I did not feel it came through quite so charitably that morning though.

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