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Site Linking

July 31st, 2008 admin No comments

Many people know of the term SEO – Search Engine Optimisation : I had to get to grips with it over the last few years of having Angels4You Escort Agency under my control. Steven has control of most of this area for me these days (I have known Steven for some 17 years so he is a good support and friend as well as employee) but when he comes across one which needs my input then I deal with the hassle ones!

Steven had asked for a site link with an eastern site … we had a mail back refusing the link. I was really surprised. I had recently refused a link with an agency in Leeds but it was purely because it was a direct competitor and I had no desire to link with an agency that was in the same business in the same region. Other regions that my team does not cover I am happy to link to but not in the same region. The owner of the site was really nice about it as well and we both understood each other.

The reason for this non-link though was because the fact that the webmaster had told the web linker that he did not accept a site rank for PR2 (google page ranks – look it up on google!). That was actually a sensible answer except … when I checked back on the page where the link banners were that we had asked to come on to .. only 2 of the 11 banners were above a PR0!

Now how do I explain that … I don’t! Did they explain further .. did they heck!

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