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Will I Ever Make A Difference?

December 18th, 2009 admin 2 comments

I feel tonight like just saying “ok, I give up”.  It won’t happen, I know that but it does not stop me feeling that sometimes, this task I for some god forsaken reason I set myself, has just given me too much hassle.  Being sick and tired of a telephone call that comes in and says “who do you have now” and then closely followed by “what services do you offer” has tonight just made me feel disheartened.

Prospective clients who ring in and say “I just found your website and wanted to know who you have available now” really get right up my nose but then to compound it, a new client who saw one of my team this week decided that perhaps I might benefit from his experience on marketing and costs and photographs.

By the end of the conversation, I felt that the client realised I both knew my industry, that I was very different in my beliefs on not following traditionalism and that I was decidely passionate (almost aggressive) when I felt that someone was trying to push me down routes I don’t believe in but even after the end of that conversation I felt both irritated and disheartened.

I can’t fool myself any longer.  This IS bloody hard work to keep professionalism in this industry and sometimes, like tonight, I am completely sick and tired of stupid people ringing me up saying they found my website but not having the brains to chuffing read it then!  Oh yes, pictures of girls, oops men then think with nether regions and not with brain (sorry … I sound sexist now – I said I was tired!).

Ok … yes I know we are escorts and yes I know that the traditional way for a client to be “enticed” to us is by providing scintillating and tantalising pictures (note to yourself Sue that you must find a new photographer soon!) so that clients are reached out to enough to get them to contact us but oh I do so wish that so many more people would look beyond the pictures and see the feelings I am so passionately trying to get out there.

The site is under redesign again – I never stay still for long and its a good thing that my son’s website design and development skills are zooming along (talking about zooming he passed his driving test a short while first time – yeah!!! way to go my little lad – not so little at 6ft 3 though lol) and that he can take my ideas and put them into pictures.  I must try and get a better balance this time between words that show clearly we are different yet pictures to still entice – an uphill struggle on this one is a definite.

Coming back to my initial feelings of “Will I ever make a difference”?  I hope so but tonight, I am tired and thoroughly dispirited.  Christmas break is needed as I need my spirits taking back up – any offers?  Make it decent ones guys!

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