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January 13th, 2011 admin No comments

Before I do get into one of my long speels (!) this is just to say a Happy New Year to you all.  I arrived back from Australia a week ago to a problem at home (loss adjuster arriving this weekend – bugger!) and funeral last Friday to attend which was the day the jet lag seriously hit so I have been rather quiet for a period of time again!  My business finance work is also challenging my tiredness levels so all in all, a rather tired Susie!

I get a lot of emails in from people asking for help about becoming an escort or finding a reputable agency.  I think I need to do a permanent page to post all these answers on as so many of the requests for information are along such similar lines but for now what I do want to do is give an idea why I do feel as I do in preferring not to recommend agencies to anyone.  It seems odd that I run an escort agency but I don’t recommend “reputable” (is there such a thing?) to anyone – I believe that my answers suggest that if a person does not have to enter escorting then they should not.

The “stories” that have reached me over the years I have been within the adult industry and my own experience have all contributed to my desire to not introduce people to an industry that is, unfortunately, a very negative one to be in.  Let me be a bit more specific in why I think why I do.

Agency owners : why do they set up an agency?  (Leave my own feelings to one side for a moment here).  For money … not for any other reason but money …. not because they care about people, its the money pure and simple.  Is this any different from any other business owners though?  We all set up businesses to earn money but an escort agency?  It is still a very grey area of the law and bringing myself back into my thoughts now, I would go so far as to say that the kind of person who is happy to flout the law (and lets be blunt here – most of the escort agencies make it clear that they offer a woman’s services no matter how many disclaimers of time and companionship only they have on their site) is not going to be one who cares much about how they “use” the person they send out to a customer.  Can I recommend agencies to other individuals …. I find it so hard to do that and whilst I have spoken to and helped other agencies owners who have asked for guidance, has it made any difference in how they have promoted themselves and their girls through their web sites … nope … it never has made a difference and that is, I feel, because the kind of person who wants to be in this industry is purely here for a good money earner not because they want to care about the people they are using to earn that money.  It is simply a lip service exercise to say that they have been in touch with Sue at Angels4You – to run an agency the way I do takes courage and a lot of heartache, passion and caring.

Escorts : can I recommend a person becomes an escort … absolutely not.  It can show you a a side to life that is not really a truthful way to be in contact with people.  I do not wish to be more specific about this but suffice to say if a girl approaches me for advice I will always point her away from this industry wherever I can.

Ages : this is another subject I get asked about frequently.  Mature escorts have their place in the industry but they are a niche and as such there will not be as much work for them yet it is amazing how many of their “friends” will have told them that because the younger guys in the pubs and clubs love a “MILF” then they will be hugely popular in the escort industry … this is simply not so.  It is the opposite scenario – the escort industry main core male clients are 40-60s  and for the vast majority of requests from this core client level they wish to spend time with the younger females not the older ones so I end up trying to impart that whilst life as a swinger means that as an older woman you are in demand, the opposite is true in the escort world.

Location : This is something I find hard to impart to people – there is a BIG difference between escorting in a major city and escorting in a town.  Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London … these are all cities where visiting businessmen will be.  Towns are more local people and less hotel visits and in these areas you will find more brothel work (massage parlour) than “escort” time.  Many people who wish to enter the industry do not realise that if they are local people and not near a big city then you run the risk of being booked by people who live in your locality. 

I will get round to posting a permanent questions answered page where I can add all these similar questions to this – it will save me the hours of work (sorry people about this) repeating myself.  Many people do not want to do the reseach as facts are on the internet but they take time to find as Google does not wish to make adult areas easily accessible to people wanting to find information so for many, finding my diary is their first port of call and the questions come through day after day, week after week.  I will always help but my time is a lot more limited now and therefore I think a permanent answer page is needed.

If anyone ever does need a chat though then get in touch through Angels4You – evenings are best – and I will always return a call and help where I can – don’t be put off by my tiredness – I am always that way – I feel older now!

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