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Online Blogs : Blessing Or Curse?

May 14th, 2009 admin No comments

The internet opened up a whole new world of budding writers and we seemed to divide into people who write their thoughts and people who read the thoughts of others.

Me, I am a writer. I have been writing a diary now since my early 20’s. Many of my early entries (which I guess one day I will put into my diary here) clearly show how much I have changed. Events that today I would never allow to happen to me, were very much evident back then and I use those entries reflectively when things seem bad now so that I can remind myself clearly how far I have come.

Every now and again I turn to my older entries in this diary and its surprising to see how much my views have changed on this world since I first came into it in February 2005 (4 years back now). Its funny though as apart from PtrLeeds (one of my first clients) blog, I rarely visit anyone else’s writings. My curiosity is rarely aroused I guess!

Blogs however, can be a curse as well as a blessing I have found. The blessing … easy subject is this to me … when something happens, I need to write. Don’t know why it helps but it does and all too often I find the words just pouring out, like now, and I do need to take a step back at times and make sure I am actually making sense (well making sense to me anyway). These writings have been a source of calm for me.

I can be angry when I write, I can be calm, I can be irritated and I can be amused but what I know more than anything else is that writing helps me put things in perspective.

So if they are that much of a blessing where does the curse come into it. For those of you who saw many of my writings 15 or 16 months back you would know that my diary was targeted by another agency. They wanted me to “shut up”. They felt that I was threatening the industry by being so open and writing about my feelings and the problems I had encountered during my time in this adult world.

Every now and again, I will write about a subject that will strike a chord in someone else and its interesting to note how my writings can really make a person react and on the rare occasions it does cause distress or discomfort then the reaction will reach me. When this does happen, yes I will re-read my thoughts, yes I will think again and yes I have in the past removed an entry when I knew I had gone over the top with my thoughts or I felt that I was not ready for it to be read by everyone further because it was still too sensitive to me.

So why today have I written about this? Because I needed to remind both myself and my readers that these are only MY feelings. No-one has to read what I write and my aim in putting my life open here is because I have always been an open person and the internet has allowed me to write what I needed to for ME … not for anyone else … but for ME.

Is it all about me? Well of course it is for goodness sake … it is Sue’s Diary!

To answer the question … Online Blogs … Blessing or a Curse? Both lol … I love writing (the blessing) but boy do I sometimes find it hard to find the time to do so (the curse) and then when I do get writing, I can witter on for far too long and then it takes me ages to read through and ensure it makes sense to me!

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