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Chips On Shoulders?

April 19th, 2010 admin No comments

Reflecting on yourself is a challenge isn’t it and I got pulled up short today by a directory site owner who called me because he believed that the text that had been put into his directory for approval was, to his eyes, showing that I had a chip on my shoulder about this industry.

Very interesting comment to have received and I am still just a bit puzzled why he feels that if he published this description of Angels4You then his site is getting involved in this industry’s politics.   The comment has got me to think do I really display a chip on my shoulder about this industry?  My whole thoughts are that for many clients, a bad service is actually offered as for the money a client is paying most of the time the client will be sent the most malleable girl who goes out at the moment’s notice when it is demanded of her even if she has seen more than a couple already that day.  I don’t like that practice … I do find it seedy and my aim in being different is to give other clients that opportunity to choose a difference if they personally want to find it so when I do write about Angels on directory sites I am stating clearly that we don’t offer girls who do this for a living or get sent out on demand at short notice.  This is surely a niche entry and the clients who find my words not to their liking will obviously go to an agency where they can demand and an immediate supply will happen.

The directory owner has actually shown a prejudice towards change hasn’t he?  Treating the industry as if everyone deals with things one way and one way only is very judgemental and also very narrow minded from my point of view and during our telephone call I did try to ask why he was not comfortable with having a different viewpoint on their site.  He said it was because I sounded as though I had a chip on my shoulder.

Mmmmm … I have been given a lot to chew over and I certainly am thoughtful about this and I have certainly looked at some tweaks but do I draw the line at not making it clear that we are a niche agency and we do offer something that is unique in this industry.  Sometimes I can be overbearing and many have known me to be unexpectedly sharp and direct but when challenged I don’t think that much is gained by my being over awkward but neither will it ever be my intention to just lie down and conform to what the industry believes is its right to offer only one level of service.

Not sure that there is a right or wrong in this case but I do think that the industry needs to move more positively away from the immediate demand and supply and provision of younger girls and show perhaps that maturity of choice that we are supposed to give as an escort agency?  By asking me to change the way I promote Angels4You on their site I believe that clients are not quite being given the amount of choice that perhaps they could be given?

Interesting though … gave me lots of food for thought this afternoon.

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